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(Author’s note: Yes, the title is a spoof on the Jouwri Kee from [Roleplayer


“FREEZE!” Officer O’Rouke said as she confronted the thief in the grocery store.

The burly thief paid her no attention, and instead chose to charge, knocking her down. With one leg he pinned both of hers as he did something to her boots. Suddenly, he charged away. Officer O’Rouke moved to follow, but couldn’t run because of what the thief had done to her footwear.

“Weird…,” she muttered upon examining her footwear.

Sidney Stevenson was an up-and-coming young amateur wrestler in the 1970s, raised in a devout Southern Baptist family. There was talk of him going to the Olympics someday, but after one particularly vicious match he seemed badly dazed and collapsed. On the way to the hospital, he muttered and raved about the shoe goddesses Reeke and Nibok, and how all would be damned if they didn’t mend their ways and follow the Path of the Shoe. Shortly after being treated, he escaped, and hid in the wilderness, where the personality shift became complete. He lost many of the skills he originally had, but gained bizarre new ones (it is up to the GM whether he is truly insane or rather is the only one who sees the truth, or perhaps both), and spends his time building power for Reeke and Nibok so that they may enlighten all. The magical abilities are optional, depending on how the GM perceives him.

Appearance: Black male, 6’4”, brown eyes, shaved black hair, well-muscled, seems very thoughtful.

ST 15 (60 pts) DX 12 (20 pts) IQ 10 (0 pts) HT 12 (20 pts) Speed: 6.0 Move/Dodge: 6

Advantages: Combat Reflexes (15 Points), Literacy (0 Points), Magery 1 (15 Points).

Disadvantages: Compulsive Behavior: Take The Bottoms of Shoes (-15 Points), Delusion (Severe): Shoes are Alive, and the Soles are Potent Magic Items (-15 Points), Fanaticism: The Shoe Goddesses (-15 Points).

Magical Advantages: Unaging (Must burn a 10-hex pile of shoes every month -10%, 14 points).

Skills: Theology (The Shoe Goddesses)-13/7 (1 point, levels are for specialization and otherwise), Stealth-12 (2 points), Wrestling-14 (8 points).

Magic Spells: Shoe Talisman-15 (M/VH, allows the focusing of ‘shoe power’ to grant 1d to a skill roll for 1 day per point by which the roll was made (min. 12 hrs) by sacrificing a shoe sole, 24 points), Drain Sole-15 (M/H, treat as Recover Strength-20 in a normal mana area, requires one shoe sole per 3 points of ST, 20 points), any other spells the GM would find appropriate.

Quirks: Tries his best to do as little damage and harm as necessary to survive, Sleeps (and lives) outdoors, Steals for a living because it’s all he knows how to do, Uninterested in converting others (at the moment).

Captain Marshall James – 58 Points.

Appearance: Male, Bald, with Black Beard, Grey Eyes, Tanned White Skin.

Description: Captain James is an old sea dog… He isn’t exceptional in any area, but does well enough for himself anyhow. 5’10”, 160 lbs. ST 12 (20 points) DX 12 (20 points) IQ 12 (20 points) HT 11 (10 points) Reaction Mods: -1 when being stubborn Basic speed: 5.75; Move 5. Dodge 5, Parry 6. Advantages: Literacy. Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Mild Claustrophobia, Sense of Duty to Ship and Crew, Stubborness. Quirks: Likes White Wines, Loves the Ocean, Sleeps Outside, Taps Fingers Rhythmically, Uses the word ‘Matey’ often. Skills: Fencing-13, Leadership-12, Navigation-12, Seamanship-14, Swimming-14. Items: Saber. Cut: 1d+2 Imp: 1d. No Armor – If you fall off the ship, it wont help!

Powered Armor Goons – 370 Points, Incl. Powered Armor

Damage: Thrust 1d-1; Swing 1d+2; Punch 1d-2; Kick 1d. Suit Damage: Disintegrate 10d, Ice Spear 10d-10 ST 11 DX 14 IQ 12 HT 10 Speed: 6.25 Move: 6 ground, 20 air (suit needed). Advantages: Luck. Disadvantages: Fanatic about (“evil” organization), Greed, Pirate’s Code of Honor, Vow: Kill Self To Avoid Capture. Quirks: Five Random Quirks (They’re not important). Skills: Battlesuit-15; Driving (Car)-14; Guns (Pistol)-15; Knife-15. Character Sub- Total: 50 Points

The Demonic Powersuit – Looks sort of like a grey ‘demon’. Based on TL8 Medium Body Armor (PD 4, DR 15) Has fake demonwings. Suit Super Advantages: DR 10, Flight, PD 4, Radio Hearing, Super Flight. Suit Powers and Super-Skills: Disintegrate-17(10), Ice Spear-17(10). Base Cost: 426 Points: Breakable -5% (DR 18, HP 100), Can Be Hit (-2 to hit vulnerable parts): -20%. Final Cost: 320 Points