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Obligatory Octopress Move Post

So, having run Octopress for a few days, I suppose it’s time I comment on it.

My interest was initially piqued by the static site speed and resistance to heavy traffic. The former, in particular, caught my eye after I noticed how long it took me, on a fat pipe, to load any pages. Even with WP-Supercache I found that pages tended to expire before anyone saw them.

My webhost, along with logging for bandwidth or similar restrictions, logged CPU usage. Though they are pro-Wordpress, I noticed a few times a day I’d peg things at 100% CPU. Not for very long, but it would happen. Playing with themes and plugins reduced the frequency but did not eliminate it.

All of this, though, falls aside to something else. I’ve noticed needing to upgrade plugins and Wordpress regularly for a site that I do not do a lot of active blogging on. One day I came upon this, relative to Octopress and its ilk:

It’s as if every developer woke up on the same day and asked “why am I responding to security alerts for a blog I barely ever update”?

I realized that with the occasional disconnect from the net that I like to indulge in, it’s entirely possible that my site could be hacked while I’m having a calm weekend. I do recall a Wordpress update coming in right around the holidays once, as well. Now, I’m more secure since there is no PHP.

Sadly, though, I think I’ll have to poke at the contact form. Using cgiemail seems to mean I’ll get weirdly-formatted spam that is hoping my installation isn’t secure.

Are comments going to appear? I’m not sure. The old Wordpress site, with comments enabled, only got a single real comment on a main page praising the site design (thanks, I downloaded the theme myself). Depending on what I get into, I’ll see…